How Can STEM Kits Help You to Boost a 12-Year-Old's Confidence?

Self-confidence is one of the most important aspects of our well-being.

Although many people think it is more difficult for adults to maintain self-confidence because they have more responsibilities, and it is easy for children because they are more carefree, this is not true.

Children still need to learn about themselves and their interests. It can be difficult for them to cope with failure, so their self-confidence is even more compromised.

That is why a parent is the first pillar of a child's self-confidence, who should carefully help him gain self-confidence.

In what ways should a parent help a child develop self-confidence? With positive speech and adequate praise, the parent should encourage the child to find his passion and engage in new activities.

All this seems very logical, but you know how it is with children; sometimes, even the most logical things can be difficult.

Especially when they are at that age, they become a little more complex than they were a few years ago.

But we have just the thing for you, and that's a little STEM magic that can help you in your task of boosting your child's confidence.

How this is possible, find out further in the article.

How to Boost a 12-Year-Old's Confidence? 5 Major Tips

12-year-olds are not teenagers yet. In fact, they belong to the group of preteens or tweens.

However, this does not prevent them from adopting the characteristics of teenagers, such as the need for greater independence from their parents, thinking about their future, searching for things that will fulfill them, and so on.

Your role as a parent is to be a guide on that path, and here's how:

1. Talk to Your Kid in a Certain Way

What is engraved in our brains and follows us throughout our lives are the words of our parents.

How did your parents talk to you? Let's say your parents told you you are not good enough for something.

Those memories can stay with us and create deep beliefs that we are not good at something.

If this is the case, it is up to you not to repeat your parents' mistakes but to empower your child with words instead.

Of course, this does not mean that you should let the child do whatever he wants, even though it is bad for him, but that is why you are there to explain what is bad for him.

We know you still see your child as your own baby, but he is 12 years old, and you should address him with an age-appropriate tone.

2. Explain to Your Child That Failure is Part of Life

Don't be one of those perfectionist parents who teach kids that they have to win at everything.

Let's say your kid had a bad baseball game, don't tell him things like how he played terribly, how he's not going to be a good player, that's the worst thing you can do.

Instead, explain to him what he can change to improve his game.

The child should learn that failures are a part of life and that we should learn from them.

Do not set unrealistic goals for the child, which will burden him. Instead, establish realistic goals that you can celebrate when your child reaches them.

3. Be Careful With Praise

As we have already said, it is essential to compliment your child on his efforts. And that's the most crucial thing: praise the effort and not just the outcome.

There is no point in praising him for everything he does because that way, he will lose the feeling of a well-done job. This can cause problems for him later in life because he expects constant praise, and we know it doesn't always go that way.

4. Encourage Your Child to Pursue His Interests

Every child is unique and has their own interests.

Surely there is something that interests your kid, whether it's technology, music, art, or whatever, it's important that he shows an affinity for it.

Children often send cues that they are good at something without us noticing. Maybe your child is sending you signs that he is interested in engineering, but you need to notice.

5. Encourage New Opportunities

Although your child already shows some interest, you must allow him to expand his range of interests.

Children at that age are still looking for themselves and their direction in life. That's why they sometimes fall into a mood where they are not interested in anything.

Encourage the child to try new activities and experiences, whether a new sport, club, or hobby. This can help build their confidence as they learn new skills and accomplish new challenges.

Why are DIY STEM Kits an Excellent Choice For Boosting Children's Self-Confidence?

When does a person usually feel most confident?

Usually, it comes when we do something successfully and make something with our hands, but most of all, it comes when we are happy and satisfied with what we do.

Our STEM kits for kids and teens are based on the fact that your child can assemble the product by himself and then use it.

We know your kid is 12 years old and probably feels too grown up to play with the toys anymore. Know that our products are also used by adults to enter the world of electronics as a hobby.

Our recommendation is the STEM Box for ages 11+. When you choose a subscription, a new project comes to your address, and your kid starts assembling the product to be able to use it.

In this way, the child learns to follow instructions and to be patient, and in the end, when he successfully completes the project, he gets a huge confidence boost.

Maybe toys are lame to your child, but what about the terms like robotics and coding? Ok, it's not lame for him, but he's not too interested. How about video games and music? That already sounds like something that will interest your kid.

In that case, we have to suggest our Music Bundle, with which your kid will feel like a real DJ. With this kit, your child will learn terms such as:

  • Coding in C++ & CircuitBlocks
  • What are sound waves & how to produce them
  • Editing sound recordings
  • How to code custom sound effects & light shows

If you think that video games interest your child more, but you still don't want him to spend the whole day in front of the screen, we got you covered. 

Our Gaming Bundle will satisfy the needs of a young gamer, but at the same time, teach him a few things about graphics and character animation and allow him to make his own games. How cool is that?

To Conclude - STEM is That Perfect Ingredient for Gaining Confidence

A confident child is a happy child.

STEM kits can be an excellent way for children to build their confidence and develop important skills.

Look at our detailed offer, and you will find something that can help your child to boost his self-confidence. Good luck!

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