CircuitMess News

  • STEM Box update #18 — Wheelson’s coding support is here!

    08/20/2021 12:00pm 1 minute read Hi guys, Wheelson’s coding support is finally here! You can find it here. We’ve prepared a few short examples t...
  • STEM Box update #17 — Working hard on ByteBoi’s software and hardware

    We’re simultaneously working on Wheelson’s coding support and on developing ByteBoi.

    Here are a few behind the scenes photos of what finishing up ByteBoi’s hardware and software design looks like...
  • STEM Box update #16 — Let us know what you think

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience with STEM box and the STEM box kits you’ve gotten so far.
  • STEM Box update #15 — Wheelson coding support coming soon!

    This is just a quick update to let you know that we’re currently working on Wheelson’s coding support.
  • STEM box update #14 — Wheelson is shipping out and his build guide is online

    We’re starting to ship out Wheelson today — yay! Our team has worked tirelessly over the last few weeks for you to get your Wheelson as soon as possible, so we’re all very excited to see your reactions to your own DIY AI self-driving car.
  • STEM box update #13 — Get ready to receive your Wheelson!

    We’re working full steam ahead to get Wheelson ready for shipping. There are only a few last pieces that have to be packed, and your Wheelsons will be on their way. So, get ready to assemble your own AI self-driving car soon!
  • STEM box update #12 — Wheelson’s PCBs assembly

    We’re currently finishing up assembling and printing Wheelson’s PCBs with our in-house pick and place machine. Check out what that looks like.
  • STEM box update #11 — PlatformIO guides

    Due to popular demand, we’ve created PlatformIO guides to teach you how to upload code to your Ringo, Nibble, Jay-D, and Spencer.
  • STEM Box update #10 — Wheelson’s final form

    We’re currently working on getting Wheelson ready for shipping but in the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to Wheelson and his final form.
  • Our biggest project yet is coming soon

    Our biggest project yet is in the works. If you want to be the first to get updates on the project, subscribe to our newsletter at the following link:
  • Jay-D in action

    Check out this awesome video we received from AA Battery. They used our Jay-D to create this funky remix.
  • Can a professional DJ use a DIY DJ mixtable?

    Joe2Shine is a DJ, producer, musician, sound stylist, and music director at many famous clubs and festivals in Croatia. He’s been on the scene for several years now and continues to release one hit mix after the other.