DIY Birthday Gifts Any Kid Will Absolutely Love to Have (Our Top 10 Picks)

DIY Birthday Gifts Any Kid Will Absolutely Love to Have (Our Top 10 Picks)


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    It doesn't have to be a holiday season for you to be on the lookout for a wonderful gift.

    The Christmas tree may not be there, but birthdays are here all year round, and so is the children's everlasting desire to engage in a fun craft at home.

    So, if you have a DIY-oriented little one whose birthday is coming up, you're in the right spot.

    We'll show you the ten best DIY gifts for kids that they'll love playing with. We'll also give you more ideas to extend the excitement with kids' activities.

    But first, let's see what makes a great gift.

    What to look for when buying a birthday DIY gift for kids?

    Yet another LEGO set?

    Cool; good luck guessing which one the birthday kid doesn't already have.

    A kids' knitting kit?

    Now, that's a bit more original, but you'll lose the cool aunt/uncle status immediately.

    Jokes aside, if you're on the hunt for DIY gifts for kids that will make them work their brains while having so much fun learning, you have to know what to look for. Here are some key criteria we suggest considering when finding an awesome gift:

    • Age appropriateness
    • Multi-sensory experience
    • Size and storage
    • Long-term interest
    • Ease of cleanup (parents will thank you!)

    Essentially, when you're searching for a perfect gift, it's all about merging education, a child's art, and an easy craft.

    10 best DIY birthday gifts for kids—so much fun awaits!

    Now that you know the theory, it's time to find concrete gift ideas. To save you from scouring the internet for hours, we've compiled a list of 10 wonderful gifts we wish had graced our own childhood. We assure you, kids will have a blast making any of these.

    #1 Wacky Robots

    Wacky Robots is an educational DIY kit that's perfect for getting little ones into robotics. What better way to introduce kids to the engineering mindset than through fun projects?

    DIY birthday gift idea for kids - Wacky Robots box

    As kids build their Wacky Robot, they learn about electronics, motors, resistors, and more, all while watching a super cute character come to life before their eyes.

    An invaluable aspect of this gift is that if the kid likes their robot, the fun doesn't end there.

    In addition to a one-off delivery, you can also choose a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plan where a new robot with different components is shipped each month.

    After all, subscription boxes are like having multiple birthdays a year!

    How do you assemble it?

    When it comes to DIY gifts, you don't want to create extra hassle for parents. That's why Wacky Robots come with all the components needed for kids to start tinkering right away.

    You can also purchase a tool pack, or get it for free by signing up for a 6-month subscription.

    DIY birthday gift idea for kids - Wacky Robots toolbox

    The assembly process is fairly simple, and the instructions are there to ensure that every step is done safely and correctly.

    Which age group is it for?

    The Wacky Robot kits require no previous technical knowledge and are appropriate for kids aged nine and above.

    So, if the birthday kid is new to crafts and science, this is an excellent entry point into the world of engineering.

    #2 DIY terrarium—gift giving made easy

    In case you want to help kids nurture their green thumb, a DIY terrarium is a wonderful way to do so.

    DIY birthday gift for kids - DIY terrarium

    Image source:

    Building a terrarium is a grounding activity, and it's as screen-free as they come.

    Although the process is a bit messy, it lets nature-loving kids exercise their creativity and artistic instincts. You'll agree that a bit of soil on the floor is a small price to pay for that.

    How do you assemble it?

    One option is to buy a pre-made terrarium kit. However, if you want to make the birthday gift more personal, you can get individual elements on your own.

    Here's what a basic terrarium set needs:

    • Glass container with no drainage holes OR
    • A big Mason jar
    • Gravel or crushed stone
    • Activated charcoal
    • Sheet moss
    • Sterile potting mix
    • Terrarium plants

    It can look something like this:

    DIY birthday gift idea for kids - terrarium setImage source:

    Terrarium building is a fun kids' craft that proves that creativity knows no bounds.

    Whether you choose a humble jar terrarium or a hexagonal chamber, Fittonia, or Pilea plants, your little one will experience creating a unique ecosystem from scratch.

    You'll get bonus points if you take them for a walk to independently collect pebbles, branches, or seed and nut pods. Who knew one project could bring on so many kids' activities?

    Which age group is it for?

    As the assembly requires some manual dexterity, DIY terrariums are best suited for kids aged six and older.

    #3 DIY game console

    This one's for the gamers of today and engineers of tomorrow.

    You probably have at least one kid in your life who's always either playing video games or streaming other people playing games. Well, how about challenging them to build their own game console?

    DIY birthday gift ideas for kids - CircuitMess Nibble game console

    With Nibble, our very own DIY console, you can do just that.

    Of course, building a handheld console isn't the easiest task out there, which makes it even more rewarding. Here's what one happy parent says about his son's experience with Nibble:

    "He learned some patience, resilience, and the joy of completing a project."

    So, what might start as a curiosity-driven endeavor can result in skills that extend beyond the task at hand?

    How do you assemble it?

    The assembly process consists of several parts.

    First, you have to assemble all parts of the console—there's some soldering, too.

    DIY birthday gift ideas for kids - assembling Nibble

    Then, you can play the pre-loaded retro arcade games, or code your own games in C++ or CircuitBlocks (a beginner-friendly graphical programming interface). Nibble is as much fun to assemble as it's fun to play with.

    As you can see, this great gift is more than a functional DIY console; it also encourages ongoing creative exploration.

    Which age group is it for?

    Previous coding or technical experience isn't required, making this gift suitable for kids as young as nine and above.

    #4 Coding car

    Although the star of the birthday party still has a few years until they get their driver's license, there's no reason why they couldn't start driving a toy version of a car right now.

    DIY birthday gift ideas for kids - Elegoo coding car Image source:

    Ideally, you'll decide on a special gift that requires a bit more than unboxing and pressing buttons, such as ELEGOO UNO R3, a smart robot car.

    This vehicle is equipped with sensors, so you can play with obstacle avoidance, or draw lines on paper that the car can follow.

    Another cool idea to do with this gift is to see how the car navigates different terrains.

    How do you assemble it?

    In addition to assembling the vehicle itself, this car allows you to add new capabilities by coding. You can use code or program blocks to make the car move in a sequence of directions that you've set.

    Which age group is it for?

    Bear in mind that this is an Arduino-compatible car, so it does require some electronic and programming experience. Because of that, the product is advertised as suitable for kids aged 12 and up.

    #5 DIY CircuitMess Batmobile

    You're invited to a Batman-obsessed kid's birthday party. The easy way to approach gift-giving is to buy a pair of socks adorned with the Dark Knight's grin.

    However, the right way is to immerse them into the world of DIY with the trilling Batmobile.

    DIY birthday gift for kids - CircuitMess Batmobile

    As the birthday kid assembles this iconic vehicle piece by piece, they're not just constructing a toy—they're building a tangible connection to their favorite superhero's world.

    How do you assemble it?

    The best thing about DIY kids' crafts is that they let you understand how something works under the hub. So, by following the instructions and assembling the Batmobile, the birthday kid can become Batman's personal car mechanic!


    When the Batmobile is built, you can let it drive autonomously or navigate it with the controller, watch it dance, or play sounds.

    To use its capabilities to the fullest, you can also grab a laptop, and program the Batmobile to add versatility in how it moves around.

    Which age group is it for?

    A wide range of Batmobile's features might sound intimidating but don't worry. Thanks to beginner-friendly guides for building and programming, this is a perfect gift for any superhero fan aged 7 and above.

    #6 Basketball catapult—homemade gifts are still in!

    Next on our list is a DIY basketball catapult, a slam dunk of creativity and fun. This is a budget-friendly, practical gift because you can build it with common household items.

    DIY birthday gift for kids - basketball catapultImage source: Youtube

    Creating a basketball catapult is a simple craft that will help your little one explore physics, engineering, and sports.

    Also, this screen-free activity is an excellent opportunity for improving fine motor skills.

    How do you assemble it?

    To create a DIY basketball catapult kit, you'll need the following items:

    • Popsicle sticks
    • Rubber bands
    • Cardboard
    • Glue 
    • White tape
    • Plastic ball

    You can pack all the components in a nice box for a lovely gift. Better yet, bring the popsicles and ask the party-goers to clean the sticks.

    When it comes to assembly, you can choose between various tutorials found online (in video or text) or come up with a unique solution.

    Which age group is it for?

    Depending on the amount of parent involvement, a basketball catapult kit is a fun gift for kids aged 6 or older.

    #7 Make your own LEGO movie

    Step aside, indie filmmakers, there's a new player in town! If you know a kid who's into LEGO and filming videos, here's a super fun activity that combines the two.

     DIY birthday gift ideas for kids - Brickloot LEGO setImage source:

    Crafting your own LEGO movie is an entertaining adventure that also helps nurture creativity and patience. By gifting a LEGO set, you'll give the birthday kid a way to turn their great ideas into captivating visual stories.

    How do you assemble it?

    LEGO sets, a smartphone, and a stop-motion app is all it takes—no need for a Hollywood studio!

    If you don't want to show up empty-handed, consider paying for a video editing app subscription or an unusual LEGO set.


    Which age group is it for?

    Although younger kids are a serious force when it comes to LEGO disassembly, we suggest leaving this activity to older kids because video editing requires quite a bit of patience.

    #8 Wildcraft Art Box—always a fun craft

    Any creative kid (and an artful parent alike) would appreciate a special gift that nourishes the kid's creative flair.

    And with an increasing number of people caring about sustainability, going with a nature-inspired DIY box is a safe bet. That's why you should consider getting a Wildcraft Art Box.

    DIY birthday gifts for kids ideas - Wildcraft art box

    Image source:

    These art boxes, created by Camp Wildcraft, can mark the beginning of a cycle of giving beautiful gifts.

    For instance, the child who receives an art box can then make another homemade gift for a dear friend, a family member, or even as a token of teacher appreciation.

    Remember, everybody loves homemade gifts and especially kid-made gifts.

    So, when you gift this box, you'll also help kids prepare Mother's Day, Father's Day, and even Christmas gifts. Maybe even some fun friendship bracelets, too.

    How do you assemble it?

    Supplies that you receive in the box can be an entire project. However, you can also encourage kids to add scrap wood, pipe cleaners, or other materials and create fun designs.

    Which age group is it for?

    The boxes are intended for ages 6 to early teenage years, making them suitable for anything from unique child's art to intricate creations.

    #9 NG's Earth Science kit

    Prepare for an expedition through the wonders of Earth's geological treasures with the NG's Earth Science Kit. If you have an aspiring scientist who's always exploring our planet's mysteries, this DIY kit is a fantastic gift to satiate their thirst for knowledge.

    DIY birthday gift ideas for kids - National Geographic's Earth science kit Image source:

    The kit includes multiple activities, some of which take days to complete. For instance, growing a real crystal takes three days, teaching kids patience and focus.

    Similarly, the provided rocks can mark the beginning of a wonderful collection that can grow for years to come.

    We have to mention an additional, related DIY activity here: making crystal eggs.

     DIY birthday gift for kids - crystal geode eggsImage source:

    Following the tutorial from Pink Stripey Socks, the aspiring geologist can also make beautiful crystal formations and compare the results to those from the NG's kit.

    How do you assemble it?

    The Earth Science Kit comes with all the equipment needed to conduct experiments. In other words, you can go straight to experimenting as soon as you open the box.

    Which age group is it for?

    Geology may be a complex field, but the kit simplifies its intricacies, making it accessible for kids in the age group of 6 to 8 years old. And if you're looking for more DIY science experiments, check out our list of science experiment ideas for kids.

    #10 Bookmaking kit

    Who says that reading is merely a passive activity? With a bookbinding kit, like this one, you can turn the little bookworm into an active creator.

    DIY birthday gift for kids - bookbinding kit Image source:

    Scrapbook paper projects are nice, but you can do so much more. This hands-on bookbinding fun project combines the joy of reading with the thrill of crafting, making it a meaningful and unique gift.

    How do you assemble it?

    The assembly process involves arranging the pages, attaching the covers, and using the binding tools to secure everything together.

    Since precision is the key to creating beautiful books, a ruler should be your best friend here.

    Which age group is it for?

    Bookbinding requires sharp and pointy tools, so it's best to find something else for younger tots and leave this craft to kids aged ten or older.

    CircuitMess has all the best DIY gifts for kids

    From wood branches to circuit boards, there are so many ways to explore the wonderful world of DIY!

    We hope that our list of great ideas has helped you discover the perfect way to ignite creativity, teach problem-solving, and engage young minds on their special day.

    It's not easy to decide between so many fun options, so we suggest that you consider the birthday kid's interests when making your choice.

    If they're into nature, look no further than the NG kit or a terrarium. In case the kid is a budding engineer, you can't go wrong with one of the CircuitMess projects, all of which introduce STEM concepts in an exciting way.

    Whatever gift idea from the list you choose, you're bound to inspire the young enthusiast with these DIY games for kids, setting them on a path of discovery and growth.